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Windscreen & Window Replacement – All Vehicles

All Vehicles and all windscreen and window repairs

Windscreen Chip Repair Expert Technicians

Over 15 years experience in chipped windsreens and window repair and replacement

Mobile Window Repair & Replacement

Mobile replacement windscreens

Fast Efficient 7 Days A Week Service

7 days a week winscreen repair and replacement

Car Window Repair – as well all other vehicle types, including trucks and vans

Welcome to Northwest Car & Truck Glass, your first choice when it comes to high quality car window and windscreen repairs in Manchester and surrounding areas. Whether it is a small chip, star damage, a hole, a crack or a smashed window, we have the expertise and equipment necessary to get your vehicle windows back in superb condition.

Our glass services include: Windscreen Chip Repair, Windscreen Replacement, Car Window Repair, Truck Glass Repair, Car Window Replacement & Truck Window Replacement.

We pride ourselves on being reliable, punctual and affordable, as well as supplying a competitive price and service. We have:

– Over 15 years full time experience in the car windscreen and windows industry

– Repaired or replaced 1000’s of windows

– A mobile repair & replacement windscreen and window service

We are also an approved My Windscreen Member.

My Windscreen Approved Member

Northwest Car and Truck Glass Van with Car Requiring Replacement Window

Windscreen Chip Repair

If you are driving your car and have a chipped windscreen it can only get worse. It is most advisable to repair the chip before it turns into an actual crack, which would then cause you to require a new windscreen. ​If we are unable to repair your windscreen, we will provide a windscreen replacement quotation.

Find out more by visiting our Windscreen Chip Repair page.

Windscreen Replacement

Northwest Car & Truck Glass can carry out a windscreen replacement on any type of vehicle. We need to take a few details in order to produce an accurate quote. Price is not only dependant on whether you have a car, van, truck or other type of vehicle, it also depends on the age and model of your vehicle.

Find out more, visit our Windscreen Replacement page.

Car Window Replacement

We supply and fit car window replacements and truck window replacements – in fact we can replace windows on all types of vehicle. Whether it be your car front glass, car door window, heated rear or electric window, we can replace it.

Find out more on our Car Window Replacement page.

Mobile Repair & Replacement

We offer a mobile repair and replacement service for windows and windscreens on any car, van, bus or truck. You can choose where we carry out our mobile repair and fitting service, whether it be at your place of work or home – we cover Manchester and the North West.

An Insurance Claim is still an Insurance Claim and is NOT always the Best Option!

Thinking of going through your insurance??? Often you will pay an excess of up to £250, but in a lot of cases we can repair your vehicle windscreen or window at a MUCH LOWER COST. Going through your insurer may not cause a 'no claims bonus' to be lost, but some companies may freeze this for a time if you've made a glass claim.

Insurers have to get their money back so in a lot of cases your annual policy may rise when it comes to renewal.

Payment Methods Accepted

We accept both cash and all major debit and credit card payments. All card payments are processed through a PayPal terminal.

Full invoices/receipts given on completion of every job.

All major debit and credit cards accepted via a paypal terminal

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Car manufacturers that we carry out repairs and replacements on include: BMW, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, SEAT, Skoda, Toyota, Vauxhall, Volkswagon

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